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US medical system

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The U.S. medical system is the most expensive in the world.

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The U.S. medical system is the most expensive in the world. High prices for health services and drugs have become a serious problem for the health care system. The issue of reforming medicine has to be the most important for politicians and ordinary people. The most successful medical reform of the recent years is the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. However, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has said that his administration is close to the creation of a medical program for Americans with better services than the one developed by the former administration. Two articles from The Guardian and The New York Times study this problem.

In the article “The Fight Trump Faces over Drug Prices,” Thomas (2017) writes that Trump intends to haggle with drug companies for making prices lower and to save lots of money for the country. I am not sure that it will help to resolve the problem and secure the budget. I am convinced that if pharmaceutical companies lower their prices for medical beneficiaries, they will raise prices for many other insured people. If the major drug manufacturers accept the terms of the government, they will have to find other ways to offset their costs, and it cannot only negatively affect health care, but also the economy. It is clear that patients suffer from high prices for drugs, especially if their lives depend on such. The rising cost of medications has become a burden for consumers; many people cannot afford to buy them. I truly hope that the new practice will help all sections of the population to buy cheaper, but qualitative drugs.

The disapproval of high prices has become part of political campaigns in the USA. Trump and his opponents had the same opinion on this issue. After becoming the President, he decided settle to the problem immediately. However, the politician has not specified how he is going to do it (Thomas, 2017). Anyway, I am sure that in regulating this subject, the government has to discuss this question with a range of experts in the field of medicine, economics and politics. They should make a detailed plan of further actions. Low prices must ease the life of all segments of residents, but it must not influence the US economics or interests of pharmaceutical companies negatively.

According to the daily informative internet issue The Guardian, the U.S. House of Representatives took the first step towards the repealing of the health care reform. In the article “Republicans Look Poised for Three-Part Plan to Repeal and Replace Obamacare,” Jacobs (2017) states that the Republicans believe that the Affordable Care Act is an economic burden to the state. My reaction to this event is that the signing of the decree on the repealing of Obamacare is symbolic. The new administration makes it clear that the health care reform abolition and replacement is the top priority of the internal policy of the new government (Jacobs, 2017). Nevertheless, the Republicans cannot find an alternative to Obamacare. I believe that a new president hastened repealing the law of his predecessor, creating big problems for his team. I guess there are no advantages in repealing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, apart from reducing expenditures on social security, but this practice will not bring any good for ordinary people. I think most Republicans understand that it is a politically unpopular decision.

Undoubtedly, patients will suffer from the repealing of the Act since this practice will leave millions of people without health coverage. Obama’s reform is the major accomplishment of his presidency. Even though there are some drawbacks in the Health Care Act, such as high taxes for wealthy citizens or the government’s requirement for all Americans to buy health insurance, increasing state budget expenditures, but benefits are much greater. Thanks to this system, millions of Americans can get health coverage, and the insured majority receive subsidies from the state. Thus, now people are afraid to stay without medical care.

Recently, many Republicans have expressed their concerns, because their party cannot get a consensus on a new draft of health insurance. In regulating this issue, the government should change only certain elements of the Protection Act, but they must leave the current law.

From these arguments, I must conclude that it is meaningless to cancel Obamacare without any alternative. Now everything depends on the government, the President and the new Minister of Health Service. As practice shows, the new authority has a good intention to improve health care, but this is only a theory. It is still not clear whether it will be realized or remain only part of Trump’s campaign promises.

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