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“Without worldwide publicity, Mokhnatkin will sit in prison forever”

On March 20, a 63-year-old activist, Sergei Mokhnatkin, who was convicted of allegedly using violence against a government representative, received an added sentence – two more years in prison. This time the sentence was for “disorganization of the colony’s work.” After the sentence was leveled, Mokhnatkin, an older man with health problems, announced a hunger strike in protest. What is happening? When will Mokhnatkin be released? How can his release be secured? We

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Засыпка Волги и Сулицы возле горнолыжного курорта

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The Arrest of Karelian “Memorial” Head Yuri Dmitriev: What Is Known

Yuri Alexevich Dmitriev, a 60-year-old historian, human rights activist, and chairman of the Karelian regional branch of “Memorial”, was detained in Petrozavodsk (republic of Karelia) on December 13, 2016, under suspicion of “creating pornographic materials

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